What is education?

Education is a complete package. It does not rotate around academics alone. Academics as in knowledge of subjects without any doubts is really important, but so are ethical and social values. By giving education we mean to help a student able to relate their knowledge with their environment, enabling them to deal with everyday problems and issues, development of thinking skills, helping them to analyze the circumstances and draw up conclusions, working on development of skills not memorization of matter found in books only, let them experiment and experience, help them to learn from failed attempts and giving it another try with a different approach or strategy.
Why it is important to consider it as a complete package? An individual, after attaining their desired qualification, does not become the member of society as a professional only but as a person too. If we keep our focus on academics alone we might miss the key factor of imbibing values and development of a complete person who has skills developed to meet and deal with challenges of life practically and rationally as in by understanding needs and situation of others around them

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