Creating Funny Tongue Twisters

Tongue twisters are so much fun but very few know their importance in making your speech clear. Tongue twisters improve your speech articulation and pronunciation.

Tongue twisters become more enjoyable when we create it ourselves. Below is the easiest recipe of creating amazing tongue twisters.
Make your own tongue twister
Select a name beginning with any letter of the alphabet like – Tom
Tell his action with the same letter – tells the tales
Tell more about the action starting from the same alphabet – of toad’s tail
Tell when the action takes place – at the tea table
Tell to whom the action was meant starting with the same alphabet – to tiny Tim
Tell why the action was done – to tempt him

Look how wonderfully it could appear: Tom tells the tales of toad’s tail at the tea table to tiny Tim to tempt him.

The sequence is not rigid, move the questions up and down to get funny tongue twisters.
Share your tongue twisters in the comment box.

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