Prestige Academy is the effort of a group of educationists, who took into view the aspirations of students, parents and teachers in making learning happen the natural way. At Prestige, the team is focused on using effective learning techniques with Islamic principles and philosophies. We are committed to raising individuals of moral, academic and spiritual excellence.

Prestige Academy follows a holistic approach of education, unlike the ‘traditional factory model of schooling’, based on the Child’s Natural Learning Ability, incorporating Islamic values in every unit. Prestige Academy is one-of-its-kind in the way it is designing its curriculum following the Activity-Based Learning Approach.

Equipped with the latest research and training from renowned training institutions and PhD scholars, along with the guidance from Ulemas and Innovative Educationists, Prestige is developing its curriculum in a child-friendly way as guided in Islam. This is based on the collaboration between the students, parents and a dedicated team of like-minded educationists.

To provide our children an environment based on Child's Natural Learning Ability.


As guided by Allah Almighty, which will enable them to understand and progress towards the purpose of life.


When we say ‘Education' at Prestige Academy, we mean the combination of the 5 T’s.



Let’s Raise Our Kids Productively

What you sow so shall you reap. Perfect children are not brought up magically, they are the result of parents’ continuous hard work and sacrifice.But the problem is that...


Tarbiyah of a child

Character Education i.e. Tarbiyah is the one that plays a vital role in a child’s personality building. A child starts observing behaviours and ways of expressing emotions...


What is education?

Education is a complete package. It does not rotate around academics alone. Academics as in knowledge of subjects without any doubts is really important but so are ethical...


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